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Life Insurance

Secure your, and your family life with various plans across various companies like LIC, HDFC Life, Kotak Life Insurance, etc

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What You Get

Term Plan

  • Low premium High-Risk Coverage.
  • One-time Premium.
  • Full Term, Short term, or Single Term Premium.

  • Long Age Coverage.

Pension Planning

  • Happy and Healthy Retirement.
  • Life-Long Coverage.
  • Life-Long Income.
  • Guaranteed Return.

Child Educationa & Marriage 

  • Tension-Free Planning for Education and Marriage.
  • Benefits Starts From 8 Years of Age.
  • Bonus Benefits Starts From 18 Years.
  • After Benefits in Absence of Parents.

Investment Plan

  • Single Investment and Regular Investment.
  • With Tax Benefits Thru Section 80c & Sec 10(10)(D).
  • Lumpsum Return & Regular Base return.
  • Guaranteed Return. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need Life insurance?

Life insurance is a financial cover for the future linked with human life, death accident, disability retirement, etc. every human has the risk of death and disability due to natural or accidental causes. When one human die there is a loss of income in the household. Life insurance is needed to ensure that your family has some financial support after your death. To finance education to your children and other needs, to have a retirement plan, to reduce extra expenditure while you are earning due to illness or accident.

How much Life Insurance is needed?

It will be depended on the following factors

  1. How many dependants you have What kind of lifestyle do your family wants
  2. Needs of children’s education
  3. Affordability
What is a permanent policy?

Permanent policies are the best option for life long protection or an option to accumulate a tax differed cash value. The cash value can be used for several purposes like taking a loan and paying a premium after your policy is fully paid. 

Who needs life insurance?

Anyone who has family and is a breadwinner needs life insurance. Housewives and children need life insurance. Children can have life insurance given their future income potential being at risk.

What type of coverage is available?

Most people have at least two types of coverage 

  1. Group life insurance 

– Many companies provide some life insurance as employee benefits that are called group life insurance because you are getting protection as a part of a larger group. Here are some advantages of group life insurance.

– It’s conventional

– No medical exam requires

– Automatic payments


  1. Individual life insurance

– As the name says itself individual policy which covers you or a family member is individual life insurance. Benefits for individual life insurance is its portable, level premium, and flexibility.

What is a “fully paid-up policy?”

Fully paid up means you have paid enough premiums to cover the cost of a policy for the rest of your life. Now the company will pay your premium to your lifetime.

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