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Medical Insurance

Cover your medical insurance from various plans across various companies like Care, HDFC ERGO, TATA AIG, etc.

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What You Get

Family Floater Plan

  • Free health Check-up.
  • Increase in Insurance Value.
  • Cashless Facility.
  • Cover Across India.

Individual Medical Insurance

  • Can Cover Domestics and International.
  • Free Health Check-up.
  • Increase in Insurance Value
  •  Cashless Facility

Special medical Insurance

  • Old Age Person’s Medical Insurance
  • Heart patient’s Medical Insurance
  • Diabetic Patient’s Medical Insurance
  • Newly Married Couple

Online Medical Insurance

  • Low-rate Premium
  • Standard Coverage
  • Easy Payment
  • Time Saving Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is health insurance?

Insurance that covers your medical needs is called health insurance. In a health insurance policy, there is a contract between an insurance company and an individual/group in which the company agrees to provide insurance cover at a particular premium.

What are the factors that affect health insurance premiums?

Age is the biggest and most important factor that affects insurance premiums. Elder, you are more likely you be prone to illness. Another factor is previous medical history which determines the premium.

What is a health check facility?

Some policy pays you for a general health check-up once in a few years. Normally it is available once in 4 years.

Is health insurance important?

Yes, Health insurance is important because it covers the unexpected cost of hospitalization or illness which would have otherwise made a major setback in household saving and may lend you to take debt. All people in this country should have health insurance for themselves and their families according to their needs. Healthcare is very expensive due to advanced technology, a new procedure, and effective medicines. While this type of treatment may be costly for many, taking security for health is much more affordable.

How many claims can I make in a year?

Any number of claims is allowed during the policy period unless there is a specific cap prescribed in the policy. Sum insured is the maximum limit under the policy.

What is the family floater policy?

It is a single policy that takes care of the hospitalization expenses of your entire family. This policy has a single summed insured which can be utilized by the family in any proportion or amount till the limit of the policy sum. Family floater plans are better than buying an individual plan. It takes care during illness, accidents, and surgeries.  

Medical Insurance

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Dhananjay associates give fast, reliable and regular services. Ravindra bhai from Dhananjay Associates has helped us to plan the best financial and insurance policy.

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Dhananjay Associates’s Ravindrabhai has helped us to choose the best life guarantee plan. We get a timely pension and, also help us with policy-related changes. 

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